Smart Warehouse

Date: 2018-06-21
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Solution overview:

The smart warehouse management system aims to build a fast channel based on RFID technology to realize the storage statistics of warehouse and high-speed automatic record of storage and delivery of goods. The system operates on RFID middleware platform and covers multiple processes of storage like counting, warehouse transferring and delivery.

RFID tags are attached on warehouse shelf and storage location of the warehouse, with corresponding tags applied on every single product. During the storage and delivery of products, the warehouse information is automatically acquired, bound or unlocked via RFID read devices (handheld, fixed equipment or RFID equipped forklift). When counting inventory, the warehouse staff hold handheld device or use fixed readers to read inventory information and achieve rapid inventory counting with the accuracy of relevant information ensured. The operating system offers smart tips and operational constraints for the users so as to avoid the disadvantages of human error and overcome the issue of out-of-date information of warehouse, which improves the utilization rate of storage space, reduces the inventory cost and realizes paperless management.



1. Timely and accurate collect of storage/inventory /delivery data;

2. Easier tracking of product quality.

3. Improve the efficiency of logistics distribution;

4. Interaction with other management systems (finance, personnel, procurement/ production);

5. Improve decision making efficiency.  

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