Laundry Management

Date: 2018-06-21
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Solution Overview:

Common concerns exist in the linen laundry room, linen supplier and linen users, like hotel, hospital and railway companies, on how to improve the linen circulation efficiency between laundry room and users, how to reduce linen lose, how to effectively manage the linen life cycle, how to ensure linen are cleaned strictly according to standard, and how to check linen quality. Intelligent laundry solution offers each pc of linen a worldwide unique code to work together with the RFID devices installed at linen user and laundry room. With this solution, we can track the location of linen, track their circulation process, reduce human operation during linen circulation and realize whole process management throughout their lifecycle. RFID laundry tag is applied onto linen to make it intelligent. Therefore, linen can be monitored and tracked in the circulation process. When linen pass reading point with RFID devices installed, the RFID laundry tags will be read and written rapidly in batch and data can be uploaded to cloud server. When the real-time, objective and massive data of the linen are gathered to the cloud server, the system will generate relative dashboard, statistics and trends, thus providing a comprehensive overview of historical information and future trend prediction.




1, Accelerate circulation and increase turnover.

2, Better customer experience and enhance the competitiveness.

3, Reduce linen loss and demand for cloth to save costs.

4, Reduce linen inventory and save investment.

5, Simplify working process and save labor cost. 

6. More precise management of linen status to improve linen quality control

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