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Date: 2018-06-21
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Solution Overview:

The core competitiveness of the retail industry is low cost and effective logistics supply chain system. At present, the problems of high inventory cost, low service efficiency and low accuracy of information have caused great distress to retailers. The intelligent retail management system, using RFID technology to establish a safe and reliable management mode, realizes the rapid scanning and reading of the products in the aspects of receiving, delivering, inventory management, store management, and burglar theft, and so on to realize the real time monitoring and processing from raw materials to semi-finished products, finished products, transportation, storage, distribution, shelf, sale, and even return of goods. 





1Automatic monitoring. 

All tags within the scope of RFID antenna can be remote monitored. When unauthorized products are taken out of safety area, system will alarm. No manual operation needed in the process.  

2Counter sales automation

With RFID technology, the function of the counter portable POS can be realized and the whole sales process, including sales, return of goods, counter inventory, inventory, receipts, can be automatically done. Meanwhile, a variety of daily statistical reports can be automatically generated and sent to the headquarters or local offices for sales analysis.

3Size shortage sales analysis. Through statistical analysis of sales, system can better anticipate possible size shortage in stores to notify suppliers to prepare goods timely. 

4.Check inventory and find goods in store. With handheld RFID reader, the inventory checking and finding of goods can be made far easier. This way, working efficiency is improved with no inventory checking error.  

5Dynamic statistics of the best sellers and preferred products. Based on the attention of consumers on certain goods and the real time sales performance, mathematical model can be established to analyze consumer preference in order to increase sales.  

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