Intelligent Manufacturing

Date: 2018-06-21
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Solution overview:

During vehicle assembly process, it is important to collect and transmit data of manufacture process and quality control on assembly lines by RFID technology to corresponding divisions like material management, production management, quality assurance and others. Based on these data, vehicle manufacturers can arrange raw material supply, coordinate production scheduling, improve sales and service, monitor quality control and track vehicle lifetime quality. Before RFID technology was adopted, vehicle parts information was stored in barcode which is flexible for configuration and low in cost for system to identify vehicle information. However, as the vehicle body information is stored in PLC or PMC database, the system requires high velocity and high reliability on network communication. It also requires better performance PLC, larger capacity database and higher speed PMC host. 




1. Digital management of equipment;

2.Automatic identification of products

3. Optimize production logistics;

4. Optimize production process;

5.Product quality traceable 

6.Support management activity through the association of RFID system collected data with the manufacturing information management system.

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