Assets Management

Date: 2018-06-21
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Solution overview:

Fixed asset is the most important part of enterprise assets composition. It guarantees the production and management, and plays a significant role for enterprise financial condition. Therefore, strengthening the assets management, maintaining and adding value of assets, and making full use of the assets are important tasks for enterprise's management.

RFID automatic collection and wireless remote transmission functions enable real-time updates of assets changing status and corresponding system information, realizes real-time monitoring and recording for the workflow implementation by the backend system, and help management team aware of the asset allocation and their utilize status. By establishing the safe and reliable asset file, assets supervision activity strengthened, assets allocation optimized, resource wastage reduced and assets lose obviously prevented.  




1. Improve inventory checking accuracy and efficiency as well as information transparency

2. Reduce the cost of inventory and improve the audit efficiency

3. Automation helps reduce error rate,improve assets security

4. Real-time feedback can timely remind operators to pay attention to the differences

5. Convenient for the asset management team to make further investigation of the using condition

6. Provide more reliable basis for asset evaluation and decision making, so as to avoid potential risks caused by asset management.

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